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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


Life Practice

ChildThis is primarily exercises in a field of life practices that help a child to pick up service of himself, teaching him accurately buttoning, lacing shoes, polish and cut fresh vegetables, lay a desk, and more, which normally does not allow a mum to do at home.A Group Montessori children hear, "You are an adult and be able to cope with this issue myself." The teacher alone shows how to handle a substance. Activities as well comprise substances related to transfusions, oversleeping, carrying and sorting of items - anything that develops mitt movements and preparing for building of writing, reading and mathematical abstractions.All items want be true, because in groups Montessori infants live not for fun, but seriously. If a newborn falls to the floor jug?? and poured water on a floor, it is obvious result: running any principle of pedagogy - automatic error checking.  Mums. Resembling posts:Moms. Newborn NewbornBabyBaby. Breast-feedingBabyVitamins for kidsChild.

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Moms. Artificial feeding

BabyNutrition with a bottleWho done much of mixtures, the composition close to that of women's natural milk. - Your task is not to create mistakes when feeding.Adhere to scheduleA child-bottle-feed, experts recommend bounds. Following any feeding for a newborn - a thorough fresh food. Therefore, if you give a bottle on need, a kid can overweight.Adapted mixing is digested more slowly than warm natural milk. To cope with the diet food, a digestive tract takes time.Make a mixture each 3-3.5 hours. Get about the size of 6-7 feedings every day, and with a introduction of the first foods that number dropped to 5.However, such an order does not necessarily imply that you request to wake a sleeping baby and put him a pacifier in her mouth.

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Its Wednesday

ChildIf you are worried complete new water treatments earlier starting self-employment with a new baby home, attentively read a professional literature, or consummate yet ask for council with more experienced moms and ask one of them to be present at the first dive. Or the 1-st time home invite a professional instructor. It will help you master a way of movement, explain how to well perform support, consult what to do future and, most importantly, moral support.Complete the like determination and confidence mums (particularly if following to them will be male or grandmother) is quite possible to start a first studies on their own.You can beginning the 1st heat as soon how a child's umbilical wound heals. During a first three weeks of life for swimming lessons well, a regular bath home. Although imagine, there are cases where children feel nice swimmers and swim even in big aquariums!The most great thing at first - to allow a newborn to get used to the water and feel a confidence in it. It is important to give your baby the peace of mind: if he likes to swim.

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Child leaving. Artificial feeding

ChildNutrition from a bottleWho made much of mixtures, the composition close to that of human milk. - The task is not to make mistakes when feeding.Adhere to scheduleA child-bottle-feed, experts recommend bounds. Following any feeding for a newborn - a thorough diet food. Why, if you give a bottle on demand, a kid may overweight.Adapted mixture is digested more slowly than breast natural milk. To cope with a diet food, a digestive tract takes time.Make a mix every 3-3.5 hours. Get about the size of 6-7 feedings a day, and with a introduction of a 1st foods that number reduced to 5.So, such an order does not necessarily imply that you wish to wake a sleeping newborn and put him a pacifiers in her mouth.

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Newborn care. 16 myths some breast-feeding

NewbornYou probably possess heard that a lot of women ofttimes have not enough milk, that warm-feeding is accompanied by pain and generally harmful to gerls, that in the summer a newborn needs extra volume of liquidity...Pediatrician Jack Newman, 16, wants to dispel the most common myths about breastfeeding earlier you fall under your influence.1. "For many women, a aging body produces enough milk."It is not true! A vast majority of women in the natural milk more than enough. In fact, it is common even an overabundance of milk. And the cause that any children are slow growing or losing weightiness is not that the mother does not possess enough natural milk, but a fact that babies do not have enough of it. The chief reason for this is that the baby right applied to a chest - that's why it's how influential to show a mom on a 1-st day of feeding, how to do it accurately.2. "It's normal that lactation hurts."While some tenderness for the first time a any hours is rule, it's just a temporary phenomenon, which lasts for several times and can never be how severe so to mum dreaded a next feeding.

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Child. Behaviour later childbirth

BabyCrucial early attachment to the baby's chest. Ideally, it is desirable to do immediately after the birth of the child, he gets a much-needed meal for him, and thus triggers the production of natural milk. Even after a caesarean section when the baby bring on the 3-rd day, it is potential to set lactation process. If you can not make a newborn to a natural immediately after birth, then try to do it right away however soon however you get a chance. The sooner this happens, a correct for the baby and for the young woman.After birthday, have not much of junk meal - it distracts with a body's lactation. It is much better if you'll eat salads, fruits allowed.

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Baby. Dining nursing mother

ChildWhat foods may be eaten nursing mom to give her baby a great, rich in nutrients and vitamin, milk, and at the same time to support and rejuvenate a body and after birth? This issue is highly significant and topical. The ration of lactating mothers is quite variant from a familiar and everyday. Mum should be fed big-grade, at the like time, not all items are suitable for it in the period of lactation.To list what items to nursing mums should be included in the schedule for, it is heavily. Day menu must be individually for every young girl. It is also significant to pick up into account a fact that the mother's ration is directly related to a baby's rightly-being. For example, eat cabbage in feeding a child is strictly prohibited.

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